Alana Arambulo – Antonio’s Baptism

When I talked to Cat Arambulo-Antonio about Alana’s baptism, she enthusiastically shared her mood board, and invitation for the event. I felt her excitement. I felt that Cat enjoyed the process of preparing for Alana’s christening.

On the day of the christening, everything was on point. All were in sync with the main motif – Rose Quartz and Serenity, the Pantone colours of the year. Aside from this, all of the guests were in white. It was simple yet elegant. It made the baptism truly stand out. And of course, everyone enjoyed baby Alana’s presence.

For Carlo and Cat Arambulo – Antonio, they made sure that Alana’s baptism was perfect down to the smallest details. This reflected how much they love Alana. There is more to come for this girl as she is welcomed in the Christian world.

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