Vic and Pauleen Luna-Sotto’s Baby Shower

Welcome Talitha Maria Luna-Sotto!

Mommy Pauleen Luna-Sotto and Daddy Vic Sotto made sure to celebrate your much anticipated arrival with an intimate celebration slash baby shower with the help of Mommy Mundo.

When we filmed this, we can’t help but feel the indescribable joy you bring to everyone even when you were still in Mommy Pauleen’s tummy.

Now that you are born, may you continue to be a bundle of joy and blessing to everyone.



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Drew Arellano and Iya Villania – Arellano’s Prebirth Shoot

How should you take care of a baby?  What kind of diaper or milk should you buy?  Will you be the strict mommy or the cool dad?  Will you sign her up in ballet class or in voice lessons?  Will you let him explore the world on his own?

We all have our own styles of raising our children.  It is a bit overwhelming because the future of our kids is in our own hands.  But one thing is for sure; we all want what is best for them.

Parenthood is exciting yet tough.  But always remember that they are the best blessings in life.  This makes all the hard work worth it.

Cheers to the future mommies and daddies.

Watch first-time parents Drew and Iya Villania- Arellano’s story as they prepare for their soon-to-be-born Baby Antonio Primo here.

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