Vic and Pauleen Luna-Sotto’s Baby Shower

Welcome Talitha Maria Luna-Sotto!

Mommy Pauleen Luna-Sotto and Daddy Vic Sotto made sure to celebrate your much anticipated arrival with an intimate celebration slash baby shower with the help of Mommy Mundo.

When we filmed this, we can’t help but feel the indescribable joy you bring to everyone even when you were still in Mommy Pauleen’s tummy.

Now that you are born, may you continue to be a bundle of joy and blessing to everyone.



Olivia Manzano-Reyes Turns Two!

Start your week right. We are blessing your feed with the cutest two-year-old in town – Olivia Manzano-Reyes! ?

Olivia Manzano-Reyes Turns Two! from Little Big Day on Vimeo.

PS. Wait ’til the end to see Olivia dancing.

From the playhouse, food booths, outdoor games, adoption booth for animals, dessert buffet and many more, you know, you’re in for a treat with Olivia’s second birthday party.

@oliviamreyes turns two today ? Follow our Instagram stories for more updates. #OliviaTurnsTwo

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Congratulations to Andi and GP for organizing such a unique and cute party.  And of course, for raising a beautiful, bubbly and bright kid, Olivia.

You can also watch Baby O’s first birthday here:

Baby Olivia Manzano-Reyes’ First Birthday Party from Little Big Day on Vimeo.

Lucas Donato’s First Birthday: The World of Up

Our life entirely is made up of adventures.

For Lucas, this celebration marked his first year adventure into the cute wilderness.

Here’s to his one of many adventures to come!

Watch our full experience when we teleported to the World of Up for Lucas’ first birthday crafted by Little Big Day.